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It has been very interesting to say the least, to see how this world treats people who prepare to make choices. People that give up things or tackle new things in the name of growth.

It took me a while to drop this site online. I was postponing it. But I’ve made it. I don’t have all the answers right now, and that’s okay. But I know I’m ready to ‘don’t give a fuck’ and just try it out by doing what I love, which is SHARING STUFF.

When I came back to Europe for a while after two years living abroad I had a huge culture shock. The shock of me coming back to this system driven world was huge. It started as soon as I set foot on European ground at London Heathrow after flying back from India. As soon as we landed I looked around and EVERYONE was on their phone.

When living in a completely different culture you’re ten times more aware of what is happening around you and how cultures work. I was so aware of how system driven western orientated countries are. Not surprised that so many people have difficulties and struggle in these type of societies as they ask so much of you. I wanted to pick up on this by showing that worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow troubles. It takes away today’s peace.

Being aware is key, and it has the answers. Well easier said than done, however facing discomfort will show that you can be comfortable in discomfort. It’s called GROWTH.

Dropping this website was a challenge. Discomfort was everywhere, because people can be full on when you share with your heart online. Opinions are going to be dropped and that’s okay. I walk my path and this website walks along with me. So, I’ll drop whatever I FEEL LIKE on this platform. I will SHARE, hoping to make someone out there a bit more AWARE and a bit HAPPIERI

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