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Destroyer of Boredom

The LOVE for SHARING all the things to live a happy and joyful life made that DESTROYER OF BOREDOM was born. REAL HAPPINESS, is a challenge and a constant practice. A practice where reastablishing the connection with yourself over and over again to live a happy life is key. 

By SHARING my ‘tricks’ on how to be HAPPY just that your inner light shines a bit brighter after each connection you make. With me and yourself so that you’ll SMILE a bit more to yourself and the people around you. 

SO what can I DO

First of all; remember that there's no wrong or right and do whatever the hell FEELS GOOD! 

HAPPINESS is always about embracing the person you are and if you're aware that your happiness is not in the hands of others; you will GROW. Avoid change, but GROW. 

Hoping you don't hold back because there's to much to feel in this world. Feel it all. It's about YOU. 


Feel at home and feel free tot sniff around.

The woman behind Destroyer of Boredom

Get to know her


Diona Scheffers | 29-04-1989

01. PAST 

Born and raised in HOLLAND yet never really felt completely at place in Holland. 

The present is always fighting with the past and future. Thoughts are ALWAYS in the past or future and never in the present. Overcoming a DEPRESSION years ago was an heartopening. From feeling empty and mentally exhausted by the constant thoughts that were put in my head by myself through this system driven western society. The devoid of motivation, and beyond caring aren’t things that you overcome easily when using the same patterns for years. Patterns that I’ve created and that I can break by creating more AWARENESS.

Being in and out of classical healthcare and eventually being labelled is a path I walked away from. Understanding that an imbalance in the body was all that I needed to fix to be HEALTHY again. 

The path that I’ve walked and the knowledge I have gained along the way has made me where I am today; unlabelled and UNIQUE. 

Woman behind it all and some things she LOVES

Camping/Outdoorsy vibes 
Enjoys mind bending chats 
Likes plants/trees more than people
Non materialistic
Wants to climb palmtrees 
Adventures over Holidays

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