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... is not a performance. It's a PRACTICE.

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Hatha Yoga

"ha" - sun | "tha" - moon

Yin Yoga

Slow paced style, by working deep into the connective tissues to activate change.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

“arranging something
in a special way"

Aerial Yoga

Combining traditional yoga 

with use of a hammock.

"When one teaches, two LEARN."

Aside from committing to my own personal practice, teaching at a variety of PLACES and SPACES helps me cultivate my teaching skills. As I travel it's a constant change of places and schools.
Be welcome to simply ASK where I share my knowledge at the moment to join me or if you'd like me to teach somewhere.  


For new connections, I'd love hearing from you!



Philosophy | Yoga Nidra | Breath-work 


QUESTIONS and responds that arise and the ANSWERS you need.

I'm not flexible!

Every shape, size, gender or whatever separates you from the western 'yoga norm' can PRACTICE. It's not about how it looks, it's about how it FEELS. 

If you have a BODY and you can BREATH you can become a Yogi. Just step on the mat and TADA! 

I'm scared to go!

Places outside the comfort zone are the only places of growth, if it doesn’t CHALLENGE you it will never CHANGE you. Select a type of yoga that caters for your needs. Choose a slower paced class if thats what you body needs. 

Remember that YOU ARE THE BOSS and not the one that is next to you is class. It's not a competition. 

Spirituality is nothing for me!

Spirituality is not a religion. Spirituality UNITES.

In our world, there are many religions and they all preach that their story is the right story. Spirituality sees the truth in all of them. There is NO RIGHT of WRONG, GOOD or BAD. The truth is same for all of us despite our differences and uniqueness.

Open up as far as you'd like. Or not. Remember that it's all OK. 

I tried yoga before and didn't liked it!

Cool, cause it means that you CAN TUNE IN and you didn't wanted to lay around purportedly relaxing in the dark for an hour and pay a fortune without even feeling like you'd accomplished something. Well surprise; YOU DID, however you weren't AWARE of it. 

Maybe you had a slippery yogamat, you were to busy with other yogi's in the room or was your teacher just not what you needed at that point in time that made it a 'shit-show'.

Practicing the parts of yoga that aren’t always fun are the parts where you GROW.  

"As a yogini I went deeper in my own practice throughout the years. On and off the mat I've become more aware and created more self realisation. Experiences can be put down on paper, however it's the real sharing that counts. I don't really believe in a system driven resume of every 'achievement' summed up. I feel like a good yoga teacher is a practitioner that goes beyond the mild standard that has been created. You need a solid body and mind that ensures sharing all knowledge in a way it works for every unique soul.”

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