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 Hoping to see you there, you can purchase tickets here.
Due to COVID19, some group events have been cancelled.

Stay tuned. We're planning some new events!


Sound Experience & Cacao Ceremony

Overijse, Belgium

24 June 2021 - FULL

Reorganise your body, mind and heart with a hearth opening cacao ceremony and sound healing.

A moment all to yourself.

Travelling all the way inside.

All you need to do is lie comfortably and enjoy all the vibrations around you.

Meetings - "Principles of AYURVEDA"

Cancelled (covid-19)

Being healthy is your birthright. It is just as natural to be healthy as it is to be born. Being healthy means sleeping well, digesting your food well, being comfortable and free from any form of illness.

Essential Oils - Workshop


On requests for you and your friends!

2 hours - 20 euro p.p.

In the comfort of your own home you can experience how you can interact with scent. 

We'll explore the world of essential oils though smelling & talking about the unique aromatics. And we'll create a first homemade essential oil product for you to bring home.

Guaranteed evening full of fun! 
(*minimum of 5 people)

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