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'Science of life'

Ayurveda is the natural healing system of India and dates back 5000 years before Christ. It means "life knowledge" and aims to cure diseases and prevent diseases. Holistic health care. 

Rapid industrialisation and technological advances have made life fast and artificial. Everything has affected our environment and it can make our mind restless and our body full of stress and tension. It creates hormonal disharmony.

We can use asana (postures), meditation and pranayama (breathwork) exercises to release stress and tension to a certain extent, Ayurveda can restore the hormonal and functional normality.

Understanding Ayurveda can be quite challenging to understand given that it is based on an intuitive science. It is not just limited to looking at a specific pain that is troubling you, but Ayurveda understands that no two people are the same. That each of us has our own physical constitution and an individual consciousness. This also requires individual treatment and practice.

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