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Reorganise your BODY, MIND and HEART with sound healing. 

Sound has a foundation in both neurology and psychology. Almost everything we experience in the universe is a perception of waves. In sound healing we do not look for magical solutions to medical problems. But just like an instrument gets out of tune, so does the human body sometimes.

More and more people use sound to efficiently solve everyday stress, accumulated worries, insecurities and blockages. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between intention and expectation, but the difference is crucial. An open attitude to listen and not want a quick solution as often the magic happens between the lines.

Travel all the way inside.
All you have to do is lie comfortably and enjoy all the vibrations and be more and more immersed in the healing vibrations of my beautiful instruments. It allows you to experience deep peace, connection and a sense of presence. Some of my favourite instruments ar my shrutibox, drums, wind chimes and Tibetan sound bowls. I love using my voice as wel.




I offer group sessions for a variety of retreats and events.

Sometimes with meditation, yoga or a cup of heart-opening pure cacao.

For information or bookings 

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