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The collective energie is intense as of all the overall changes, rules and regulations. Sometimes strictly clear, sometimes we don't know what to think or do. Some will be strongly affected. Some will not. Some will have opportunities. Some will not. Some will have opinions. Some will not.

But what is important is to talk about 'the in betweens' in life. Those moments when we think we're failing stupidly hard. That everything we do, we do wrong or not as we suppose to.

"How we're challenged by the majority of people is how we sometimes lose connection with our own heart. And our own ideals that come from within."

Reminding ourselves that all the amazing creatives on this Earth have worked harder to get where they are. Working for things for less money, self promoting, embracing the late hours and networking are all part of it. And of most value is having a vision and certainly believing in that vision.

So when we're working incredibly hard for something, even though the 'work' is not as visible and you tell yourself it should, it ensures us that we pay so much less attention to 'everything else'.

Allowing the system to work for you instead of working for the system is hard craft.

It's about trust.

About letting go.

"Most importantly, it's in not losing sight or miss what really matters when 'being busy'. When the 'being busy', slowly turns into an obstacle of the feeling instead of thinking."

So not losing sight of the day to day miracles is hard work. Keeping my eyes on the price as I like to say.

The people around me.

The connection.

The love.

Becoming a master of balance is such a fucking challenge sometimes, but I do feel alive.

I hope you do too.

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