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When doing a little google search, you’ll be able to find tons of articles with tips, steps and so on about creating balance in life. How to live a healthy and fulfilling balanced life is hot and happening these days. Juggling between going to the gym, picking up the kids, eating healthy, making a career, going to yoga, making love and so on. And on. And on. However, isn’t a healthy and fulfilling life different for everybody? Do we think that balance is about keeping our head above the water? To stop. Or to stop yourself from drowning? Or is balance about stability and full-fillment within? And not without. When creating the ability to control to become balanced out, it’s also important to understand when and how we’re disturbed and being put out of balance. Cause it’s different for each and everyone of us. The actual cause or creation of those specific imbalances within the body, mind and/or soul can vary. There’s many reasons for imbalancement and learning about the cause of imbalancement other than focussing on the solution to get back IN balance is of most importance.

When are you balanced? Is it juggling between all different aspects of your life? Is it being the best? Doing what is expected within all your responsibilities? No. Being honest with ourselves is where we grow.

"Consider this. When being consumed into the westernized world, where life is asking you to play all kinds of different roles, you need to understand that all of it is merely role playing games. Being a mum / dad, sister / brother, partner, a boss, co-worker and so on. They are all ROLES that we play in this game called life."

Have you ever asked yourself the question what happens if all these roles are taken away from you? What is left? Who is left?

How can we listen to and understand imbalancement if we don’t even know who we are and how we work in the first place? What nature does and how nature works for us in every aspect. Allowing ourselves to understand who we are and what we need when not playing any roles can create a lot of balance. We can use nature. And the best thing is; it’s always there.

When you have the ability to control yourself during movement while playing roles but yet not have the ability to control or allow yourself to experience what happens when standing still, you have a bit of a problem. A challenge. An opportunity.

"That ‘role-less’ being needs space and time to keep up with playing roles. It is of utmost importance to understand, REALLY understand, what creating space and time involves. It is somehow the key to create balance within everybody. And by the way, grabbing the opportunity to grow by understanding the content of the roles we are playing is actually quite cool stuff."

And ofcourse, roles involve responsibilities. And with responsibilities there’s expectations. The tasks that you are expected to carry out as part of your role are sometimes a must. At least, that is what we tell ourselves. But never forget that you’re playing. And that role-less being, you, has needs. Try not to identify yourself with the roles you play as it’s all about the person who is playing. You.

So my golden tip within all other tips? Keep monitoring your needs versus your responsibilities. Understand that our basic needs are just water, food, shelter and clothing and that lightness will come when listening and acting upon your secondary needs, as they are essential for your well-being. Your spiritual well-being.

Creating that specific awareness allows you to not swim so hard to keep your head above the water. Be responsible. Be still, not lazy. And listen more often to the person who isn’t playing any role.

Do whatever you must to understand that balance within this westernized organism is all about union within. Don’t confuse having a career with having a life of love and oneness. And remember the cliche of asking for help. As it is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength.

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