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BEING A WOMAN is COOL and all. But PMS is something else. In this world it is still considerably underestimated what PMS triggers in a lot of woman. Just too bad there is a bit of a taboo on talking about it. While that damn PMS remains, life goes on. This post is for those who also fight against the physical and psychological SHITSHOW. My glorious cycle has not changed over the years; however, it isn’t as terrible as it has been in the past. That it used to be a fight is mostly due to not understanding my body and not being fully aware of what was going on with it. Sometimes I could get so angry, tired or teared up for no specific reason. Obviously 9 out of 10 it was my cycle that caused everything and turned me into a walking demon.

Everyone is unique which means that every woman has a different cycle. Some don’t even have the slightest problems where others are just like me. (Yes, you are NOT ALONE). Writing and sharing about my PMS every now and then helps me to understand myself a bit better. But also it's for those who are with me and feel like an absolute sleeping, walking and working -whale while on their period. Seriously it keeps me busy for at least 10 days every month. FM(-enstruation)L.

Well, as it’s a ‘huge part’ of my life some TIPS and TRICKS will certainly be shared here occasionally. Below you can find some to start off with. Some tips that help me to be a bit ‘normal’ when the demon is taking over.


Outsmart your shit-show by preparing yourself up ahead. Flo is the first period tracker to use artificial intelligence for the most accurate cycle predictions. Awareness is knowledge and it will shift your perspective as you’ll grow in health and happiness. Certainly, no BLABLA. It’s still nature that does all the work but it’s you that can understand your body better to LOVE and TREAT yourself better. You should definitely try it for a couple of months to get the full benefits of outsmarting your cycle.


I used to feel like I had to ‘start all over again’ every time after my period finished. That it felt like I was building up from scratch every month as I had thrown everything down the drain on those demon days. That mental fight of putting yourself down is draining but I am convinced that awareness and scaling down your expectations of what you ‘should do’ will help the large half.

YOGA Yes Yoga. Always. I know you’d rather be in bed and feel sorry for yourself. But although chocolate is life and it’s definitely okay to not be okay, being kind to yourself and tuning in on yourself is the best way to go. A slow flow in bed is ALSO yoga. Let’s be honest and support each other in not having to be on your mat for at least one hour full on to have done yoga.

Try not to be hard on yourself and to tune in within followed by choosing what’s right for you. Without expectations or judgement.

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