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When living community life, universe gives you an opportunity to experience growth. Paying attention to what universe is offering you when spending a lot of time with a variety of people is of utmost importance. Allowing yourself to be aware. Allowing yourself to work hard on being real, open and vulnerable.

Opportunity to take big steps of growth will only rise when paying attention. Because when you pay attention when there’s people closely around that not necessarily align with your vibration, but rather disturb it, you are able to get into the higher. How? By creating awareness and using it for bettering yourself. As I end up in different communities all the time for quite some time now, it made me realise of how much it has to offer. And how much it has given me in the past already. Especially travel communities. They always seem to have a setup of a brought variety of people. I mean, everybody can book a ticket, get in an airplane and enjoy a bit of nature. You can be anybody and anything. Keeping in mind that energy doesn't lie. So, what mostly intrigues me are the connections that are made. And which aren't made. What the connections are based on.

I guess we can say that people act like mirrors and it’s up to you if you like what you see or not. Choosing to only look at those reflections that are joyful for you is a piece of cake. So, let’s go a bit deeper into those reflections that are a bit rougher. A bit more challenging. Let’s try to allow ourselves to look closely into those mirrors that aren’t giving us the reflection we want. Cause those are the ones that also support your spiritual growth. Especially when it’s disturbing you in a way that you ‘want’ to disturb others.

Before reading any further it’s important to understand the difference between ego and true self confidence as they both operate completely different. Let me clarify that true self-confidence should never degrade the confidence of others. Ego however, is based on external validation. Wherefore true self-confidence is happening within thyself.

Understanding that the unconscious is expressed in everything we do and that it is a system that we created ourselves. Our unconsciousness continues to influence our behaviour and experiences. If we like it or not. Reaction when there’s something hidden within us will show. Meaning that when we don’t allow ourselves to take a solid look at ourselves when there's a reflection offered we don't like, we can get into lower energies. Maybe even into obsession.

The only thing you have to do is PAY ATTENTION. Pay attention to what is happening within when you are are triggered. Only then you're able to create lightness. Because in the end it all starts with awareness.

Sometimes this trigger of disturbance is within the presence of a specific person. It's possible that it's just a presence or energy, or sometimes it’s within a specific conversation or a believe system someone is communicating. The easy way to respond to such triggers would be to point fingers. However, the trick is to listen and learn. Not to listen and respond. To pay attention and to really learn and to really grow.

An amazing soul in Sri Lanka taught me something incredible valuable considering this specific subject. When I have ‘ill will’ (something that I have but don’t want) I can tell myself that; ‘it’s the nature of that specific person (or cat, dog, bird or thing) to do so’. So, when I pay attention, I’m able to shift and tell and teach myself acceptance.

And I know people! I know accepting the nature of others is not always that easy. I mean; it can be hard work allowing ourselves to turn into lightness when someone (or thing) is intensely bothering us. When someone is constantly pushing your buttons, it is easy to point fingers. We should always keep in mind that we are responsible for our own inner peace and happiness. And that we are only punishing ourselves when we let our lower thoughts take over.

Allowing ourselves to not get bothered, or even get into obsessive behaviour and building up new systems can be challenging. It’s a challenge to not respond and ask ourselves uncomfortable questions. Why we feel a certain way? What exactly is the deeper layer of the disturbance? How can we be and stay open for the higher? And how do we allow ourselves not to get into a lower energie?

Sometimes those lower thoughts just need a release. A little reset. If you understand that the believe system, our unconsciousness, is regulated and designed by utterly ourselves, you also understand that we can redecorate it. Redecorating to move into inner-peace and a deeper understanding of ourselves. A deeper connection with ourselves. The only one that can do this is YOU. You need an honest look into the mirror, any mirror, and go into discomfort and redecorate to experience spiritual deepening.

Really understanding each and every one’s nature is not easy, but it's important. It’s all in the non-judgemental act of accepting. Accepting of what is happening within and accepting of that what is happening around us. Supporting each other by being open. Being kind by expanding your horizon to look at all these different reflections. Asking questions to ourselves and maybe others. To listen and share. Because every mirror has something beautiful to say about ourselves. To give. Even when you are unable to let anything grow. To trust and empower each other. And forgive. Knowing that forgiveness doesn’t always mean (re-)connection. But because we are allowed to give ourselves the opportunity to heal.

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