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  • Destroyer of Boredom


Sometimes I feel so much fire inside of me that it makes me sad to not always be able to show this fire. To show the world what I really am energetically. Fire is actually everything we humans do to digest. We need it. FIRE is within every-body. Understanding that, you'll understand that we're all unique and some fires burn a bit intenser then the fire in others. Meaning how bigger the fire, the digestion will be faster and intenser in any form. "Getting more and more in touch with my fire feels amazing but scary at the same time as the so called outside world is so systematically trained that it won't be able to understand 9 out of 10. Everyting that rises comes from the fire within. And when your fire is naturally burning strong it can be challenging to explore as people would react to this natural fire in a certain way." Firey emotions or fire is something that should not be showed or explored in this modern world. It shouldn't be there, this fire.. cause anger, jealousy, being annoyed and so on are judged in a negative way and are emotions and feelings we aren't allowed to show naturally. So what happens is that suppressing these natural reactions that come along with a fire body like I'M BORN with is the thing to do in a system driven world. So do I always need to dig deeper? No. Sometimes yes. Sometimes I just accept that my natural response is firey. As some people would naturally respond completely different. Which is cool! Cause we're all part of something special. We're all unique. "To clarify it all a bit more. This firy body constitution is unchangeable. And no; it's not like I have a lot of anger in my body or I'm an angry person. Or that I'm surpressing all my emotions. No. In the modern world it would be describe as unresolved anger and most likely it's interpreted as negative."

Clarifying that it's not anger or that I'm holding onto anger. It's my body's NATURAL REACTION to random situations and the minds reaction to this natural response within the body. As the body, mind and soul work together when being aligned. So my reactions come really strong as my fire numbers are intensly high. Where some people naturally withdrawn or get really restless. But fuck. How great and beautiful this body of mine is. And how spicey it is. And how negative it is interpreted in this modern world is sometimes sad as it defines me of who I AM. And it also makes me so strong and motivated, sharp, energetic from nature. The so called Pitta types, which again, I'm BORN with, are determined, competitive, ambitious and highly intelligent as well. Also with good insight and keen discrimination. Which also can be interpreted relatively negative sometimes as it can be TOO sharp or TOO intense. But fuck it. This is ME! And I've learned to accept it and feel really comfortable of who I AM. I am who I am. And I have a strong body constitution.. and understand that when you're in my engery I'm sharp but with an oooh so soft heart with love for everyone. Understanding not only myself a lot better, but also all the uniqueness around me. Even though the softness underneath the sharpness may not be felt energetically. 

"But you know what? If I can make the world understand all of our natural constitutional bodies a bit more it would be a world full of intelligence and bliss. So that's what I'm going for. To awake people by sharing my own path." I guess people will seek and find the fire when they're ready. So thanks again beautiful Universe, for letting me see and understand all the beauty around me. Thanks for giving me the space to learn and grow.

And thank you beautiful universe for giving me this unique, beautiful and strong body.  

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