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Re-evaluating my thoughts is something that I don’t do that often when it doesn’t serve me in a way that is healthy for me. Last time in Holland the practice to keep inner-peace was more intense than what I normally experience. I’m not much of a complainer anymore and it’s questionable that writing about the following particular subject may let me get sucked into bullshit. Still, I want to write about it. I feel it could give an understanding as it could even help people when coming back from wherever doing whatever. 

‘The challenge to not put on boxing gloves’, can be an interesting one when doing stuff a bit different than what society is expecting. Being in a country where a lot of friends and family live is not the worst place to be. I suppose I do not hate it either love it. And that last one, the loving part, is caused in the centre of my being. I can gratefully say that I’M HAPPY and home within as it’s not a place, things or people that define my happiness.

Practice can be more dominant when back in my home country. Also, the thing for me is; it gets trickier every time I get back. It’s caused by the experience of living in different places. This specific reason is also why I like to be in places that I don’t have to practice laboured to be happy as HAPPINESS is a PRACTICE. 

“Understanding that there’s no need to clarify what I do to vague acquaintances and what they think shouldn’t bother me as letting go it the thing I can choose to do. However, the assumptions people sometimes make by what they see and hear is incomprehensible and makes me sometimes want to clarify. This is why seeing me in real life can be tricky when following me via a screen or word of mouth. “

Sometimes the questions have assumptions. Don’tyou want to have kids? You don’thave a boyfriend or something? You still alone? When are you planning onsettlingdown? 

… thought-vomit in my brain takes over;

“Yes, I’m genuinely comfortable with myself and the choices that I make. 

Yes, what I do is different than what would be defined as ‘normal’ for a 30-year old.

Yes, there’s a variety of things I do, what you see online is definitely NOT EVERYTHING.

Yes, I’m single. Let universe decide what will happen.

Yes, I’m settled down even though I haven’t bought a house. “

The assumptions that people sometimes have, and the opinions and advise people push onto you can be quite challenging. To keep the inner-peace, 9 out of 10 you let them think. You let them judge. You LET GO. Which is the hardest thing in life, letting go. Sometimes it can be rude and dishonouring to me that I question the questions they ask. If it’s lack of respect or if they really don’t see nor understand it.

Also, not everyone makes the assumption that everything is about them and that they probably understand that there’s a huge world outside theirs. Some people will not think that they’re the smartest ones within a conversation nor will they undervaluing or underestimate others. When you know you are likely to contain experiences and knowledge when you enrich your perspective, you are a smart person in my opinion. Just to be sure; ticking the box on defining what a ‘smart person’ is, in my humble sharing process.

Usually feeling like the other person is the ditzy one when they interact in a way that is challenging can be interesting. Even though others underestimate and dismiss me as being naïve and irresponsible my practice tells me to LET GO in these kinds of moments. It works. It works 9 out of 10. You nod. You smile. And you don’t come near the boxing gloves. But then there’s always that particular moment. That 10thtime where questions -assumptions- pop-up and you let go of your devoted practice. EGO takes over. Which is not the letting go you want to go for.

Admittedly, doing what I do is something that the majority of people don’t choose. Clarifying sometimes can help. The assumptions people tend to make about my choices and the fact I would like to offer them facts to refute these assumptions can be overwhelming. I’m not judgemental about their choices, why would they judge mine? But then there’s the; ‘Why would I explain?’.

A little part of my soul feels crushed when I have a ‘10thmoment’ with boxing gloves. That someone I interact with makes assumptions that aren’t true, and I tend to get sucked into the offense. Remember it’s all about awareness and living with an OPEN HEART. If people really want to know they’ll come to you with an open mind. If not, let go. Understanding that EGO is taking over and wants to clarify or convince. Be aware and watch out with not losing energy because vague acquaintances ’might think something’.

Do you. 

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