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To trust someone is an interesting thing to do as you never have the guarantee that someone is trustworthy. To trust is being vulnerable. What trust has done to me is an interesting JOURNEY I’d like to share.

Realising that to trust people completely, you need to be willing to surrender without tension. It’s hard when trust has been broken many times in the past. Obviously understanding its part of life that people come and go, and shit happens. SO, keeping the shit in the past and work forward how to not be a ‘sucker’ of fear. 

To keep shit in the past there’s this question that makes it a real challenge to do so.

"was I ready to feel the sadness that’s underneath being angry when trust had been broken?"

I mean, painful events leave us with scars and have a profound impact on us throughout life right? You build some kind of system to not feel that pain anymore and to be ahead of a certain pain. 

Realising that broken pieces of the heart need to be put back together by yourself to open up again in any type of relationship. Putting yourself out there is scary and maybe it’s the letting go of the anger- part that doesn’t allow us to open up again. To trust again.

In my opinion trusting your siblings, your partner and your friends is core value in a healthy relationship. It’s basically everything besides respect to keep a relationship healthy. Logical that this has become a theme where I’m willing to focus on for my own mental health and to move forward.

A question that I’ve been asking myself as well is; if I allow to grow black leaves. I will not allow someone to not grow back the piece of my heart that they've stolen and smashed. If people disappoint you and dishonour your heart doesn’t allow them to decide in which direction you need to go. Do NOT let that change you in such way, that you can’t move forward with others.

Appreciating people who are raw and don’t talk ‘bla’ all the time have always caught my attention. If you listen to a loved one talking bullshit. You can tell them that it is bullshit and vice versa. That’s valuable, wherefore my new aiming point is to try falling in love in any way with people that show me their soul. 

Seeing and appreciating the most beautiful things in the people around. It will give them the space to act better than they were actually planning on. I know it’s hard respecting and trusting the process. But it can be an idea that could help to make it a bit easier. And if someone crosses your line, you will know.

What I have learned lately is that there’s nothing more important than to TRUST and follow YOUR SOUL wherever it guides you. And if something feels off, most likely something is off. 

So, TRUST THE VIBES you’re getting. 

Energy doesn’t lie. 

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