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2019. NOW.

Now. Not tomorrow. Not next year. It’s never too late to change your life, but now is the time. It’s always now. I know it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone and just do what your heart is asking for.

I’m not really a huge fan of the whole ‘New year, New You’-thing as it’s always a good idea to set foot towards a better version of yourself. Don’t wait for the ‘right moment’ as it will never be the right time or moment, because we have the ability to change, TO GROW, every day we step out of our bed. You are the boss.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram this morning, January 1st, I saw this short list that actually says it all. As you know probably, I LOVE TO SHARE so here we go. I’ll share what went through my head reading it hoping to give a little present to you guys to start off 2019.

Things to quit right NOW!

1. Trying to please everyone

Don’t be desperate to be likable. If you’re feeling drained or compromised to assist or serve others, it is the time to step back! Not everyone has to like you and stop pushing yourself into directions where you actually don’t want to be in. As I pushed myself aside for years the result was losing myself completely. I warn you; I LOST MYSELF. Take care of yourself and your own needs without listing to those ridiculous voices inside and around you that tell you how you ’suppose’ to do it. – please yourself first by doing what FEELS good.

2. Fearing change

This shit will let you stop taking action. Don’t limit yourself by feeling anxious because of what can go wrong. I mean; it can go right. It’s that simple. Re-evaluating all those different scenarios probably cost you way more energy than just taking action. Every story can be perfected. The only thing you must do is just start the first chapter. – Wake up guys. And stop living your life on autopilot; what a bloody waste it is to do so.

3. Living in the past

Accept the truth, be thankful and move on. Who said it’s not alright to cry your eyeballs out? I certainly didn’t. It’s healthy as you heal when you do so. But do not stay in that victim roll for too long. Dwelling on your past isn’t living in the NOW. Focus all your energy on something that you CAN control. Create something that will let you express all your feelings and feel it all. Like I said - You are the boss.

4. Putting yourself down

First of all; You are missing out! You’re worthy of chances. Believe me; saying YES to what you really feel more often feels bloody good and it will give you more joy to life. You are worthy like everyone else, even though that stupid voice in your head says something else every now and then. Start to convince yourself that you have all the answers. – Calm yourself and remember you’re UNIQUE and WORTHY.

5. Overthinking

The most interesting people I’ve met throughout the years are the ones that are older and still don’t know fuck all what they’re doing. Overthinking only holds you back of bringing you positive things because you’re not living in the NOW. A stressed start of the day will give you a stressed day. Stop being a control freak, because you can’t control everything! – Slow down. Bring your focus back too the NOW. Reconnect to the present moment by just taking in with all your senses what’s going on around you. Feel. Smell. Listen. Look.

Now. Not tomorrow. Not next year.

You already have the best present.

Just exist.

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