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Tuning in on someone the first time you meet is something that happens within us as we’re all connected. We vibrate, and we all have different ways of vibrating. Explaining this in a more profound way would maybe help understanding this process. “When taking place on a table full of new people, new energies, you choose who you want to talk to and who you rather not, without even knowing them. Maybe you choose with your full consciousness, maybe you don't. But how is it possible that without even sharing one-word people get involved in your energy and sometimes are even able to get into your allergy. Vibrations are just too far apart, and you 'feel' it just isn't healthy for you to interfere.”

Some say there's bad and good energy. I feel undefined energy. Good or bad doesn’t exists in my opinion. Just vibration, intuition or whatever you'd like to call it is the way we communicate first hand.

To choose which energy you’d like to be part of is not just being judgemental or rude, it's tuning in. Tuning in on energy is a natural process, because vibes don't lie. Vibrations don't lie. You need to be kind to yourself by choosing the vibes that work for you. To grow from.

But when are energies right for you and what does this ‘tuning-in’ thing means? – Well, to tune in with others in a right way that's healthy for you means you should be tuned in on your own. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is what’s so important. When energy is stuck in the body it will lead to an additional burden to the emotional being. Which naturally has effect on the mental and spiritual being. If you understand your own energy, you’re able to choose which energy is good for you – you will not suffer from energies that are not. You will not try to find energies that will fill the gaps within your own energy. Try not to be sad about vibrations that don’t work for you. They’re just NOT FOR YOU. They’re not for you and that’s OK. Let go. Which gets easier along the way. I’ll get back to that in a bit.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into vibrations that work instantly for you. These instant SOUL to SOUL connections can be amazing. When having one of these, BE in the MOMENT kind of things where you’re not allowing any thoughts to fade away the enjoyment of the moment. I mean; “if you would think about a beautiful flower that is growing into this colourful gift of nature, you wouldn’t think about the flower dying eventually somehow. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy it while it’s blossoming.”

But what if this first-hand connection you connect and vibrate with isn’t what you thought it was. And after a period of time you don’t tune in anymore? That this certain energy, this person, is not for you. Not because they're bad and you're good, but that their vibration doesn’t work for you anymore. It’s disturbing yours.

Enjoy the incredible vibration as long as it works you. As when it’s not working for you anymore you should LET GO of it or see if you can change the vibration. Simple right? However, don’t let that last get in your way for too long. Cause most likely you don’t see the BEAUTY that is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU if you stick around in a certain energy for too long.

It’s definitely hard to LET GO sometimes– as it’s the most challenging thing to do in life. This ‘letting go’ – thing. Energy is constantly shifting internally and you’re suffering to connect again. Tuning-in to make a healthy choice for yourself is hard. The question that lays on top is how we can let go of those suffering thoughts? To let go of the suffering to make the decisions that are really healthy for us.

Feeling weak when wanting to make choices that are good for us can be very challenging. There's a possibility that you stop everything without knowing – you stagnate. Like this other energy is absorbing you completely because it’s strong.

Well the answer is quite simple; RE-CONNECT. Connect with yourself again and try not sending energy into the wrong directions. Speak kindly to yourself so you can speak kindly to others. Don’t let people chain you.

Arrive in the NOW. Let go and BE. Tune in on how to vibrate NOW. To connect to yourself, so you can connect on way deeper levels with others.

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