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I came to India and planned a fantastic scheme to spend my time here. Unfortunately, that did not go as expected. Or should I say luckily? Universe had a different idea as I ended up in the hospital the second week after arrival from Indonesia. Long story, and I'll not bother you with all the ins and outs of being in a hospital in India.

Everything has gone different now as I needed to heal, and it gave food for thought. Which was COOL AS FUCK because the focus was laying on getting better, eating good food, enjoy, connect with beautiful people and do whatever rocks up to grow from. Respecting the process - Yoga is everywhere.

As I grow deeper into my practice, my life, there are several things that I’ve been noticing. Sharp lines are slowly but surely disappearing, and I’ve been noticing it on and off the mat. That the goal of spiritual life is to uncover the infinite consciousness that is concealed by the mind and ego is a fact for me. However, when and how for everyone is different. And the ego is unlikely to be healthy, it says, unless it is disciplined.

But how is that possible. A disciplined ego? Unwillingly you’re feeding your ego when you achieve something, in whatever way, that makes you maybe feel superior to others. And believe me; I’ve seen them. People that feel superior in comparison to others. The whole ‘I’m better’ vibe hanging around them.


Just because you’re maybe a bit further up on your path of awakening doesn’t mean you have to ‘show it off’.

In the Yoga world it’s easy to get lost with the differences of selflove, peace of mind, strong mind and body and all the knowledge that you collect when you get deeper and deeper in. Remember that this isn’t only asana practice – there is so much more to my ‘yoga’life’. There’s an incredible fine line between being awake, being confident and the ego.

You practice what works for you. You become more aware, which probably signifies that you see things happening with other people that you feel like you would do differently. You would make choices based on your awakening state of being. I remember a friend asking me; don’t you sometimes want to grab people by their arms and literally ‘wake them up’. And all I can say is; letting go is the hardest part in life. They’re on their path, and I’m on mine.

Since I’ve been here in India and just live life and ‘BE’ I learn so much more about life. As I connect with myself in different ways, I connect on a way deeper level with others. Real connections with real people. The most interesting people are those who are a bit older and have no clue what’s next. I tell you one thing and that is that you don’t meet boring people here, because the bold ones are in India all by themselves.

For me a resume of every achievement summed-up doesn’t define who I am - or someone else.. I am more than my resume. A 100hour, 200hour or whatever hour course is made up by someone and for me it all feels a bit money driven these days. On the other note, there’s always something to learn so I don’t want to say every course is shit. I did some myself and obviously I’ve learned a lot of stuff. But did those courses and only those courses made where I am today as a practitioner? As a human being? Indeed - no, not even close.

Like a loved one once told me; “Isn’t Yoga all about living with an open heart? To love and to accept. To be able to connect with yourself and with others."

Like I always say; there’s no wrong or right. But when the dumb is teaching the dumb, what is the point of it all? Because when you’re a bit more awake you’re able to push it through and see practice in everything. You will slowly be more aware of your ego and grow into a happier life with an open heart. Practice what you preach, and for me everything is a playful practice.

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