Holistisch Coaching

You are ready for a change, but you don't know HOW?

Holistic Coaching

Holistic coaching involves guiding, motivating and inspiring clients towards positive life changes. We work at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Unlike more traditional coaching / therapy approaches, holistic coaching allows deeper exploration and can potentially create understanding of emotional and / or physical blocks and obstacles. Awareness is the beginning. Knowledge gives you insight. By possibly correcting and improving limiting behavioral patterns and habits, a fresh and inspired motivation for life will be created. The result will be a healthier attitude to life.

NOTE: Holistic coaching is a process and is therefore not a "quick fix". You WANT change, but you don't know HOW.

With attention
With a lot of attention I look together with you how you can tackle and correct imbalance so that you can experience a state of freedom because you understand nature and of course yourself better. Addressing the imbalance is based on eating / nutritional habits, lifestyle choices and mental states (stress reduction, breathing, sleeping, insights, etc.).


What deserves separate attention is holistic coaching as an accompaniment to illness. My guidance is not initially aimed at curing the disease. Although that is possible in some cases. It is about accepting your illness and how you can deal with it. No matter how sick you are, part of you is still healthy. And that part in particular gets attention.


It is important that the process of growth is respected. This takes time. Every session lasts 2 hours and after the first session it will become clear how many sessions are needed. (3 - 5 or more). I charge 50 euros per hour and one session is 100 euros. The entire amount of all sessions will be invoiced in one go afterwards. This can also be done in parts in consultation.